Recent Projects

Enhanced and Improved Oil Recovery

We have been asked by many companies to screen their properties and prepare integrated reservoir studies. These studies focused on development opportunities and EOR processes. We have evaluated waterflood utilizing both vertical and horizontal injectors as well as miscible CO2 injection in newly discovered and also pressure depleted reservoirs. We have also investigated polymer flooding in both conventional oil reservoirs and in cold heavy oil production (CHOP) scenarios and studied thermal SAGD processes at normal and at very low operating pressures.

Development and Depletion Planning

Two studies were completed to evaluate high water cut, high volume lift, medium gravity oil reservoirs in order to enhance the pressure maintenance schemes in place and arrest production decline. These are large developments with over 700 wells in each and the size of the problems require the in-depth experience that we offer to enable them to be done quickly and at minimum cost to the client. The results were encouraging and the annual report of one company comments; "an independent engineering study, as well as field trials, confirmed that increased water injection would reduce our production decline rate and result in an overall improved recovery... ; (the) water injection scheme to be implemented ... has the potential to add ... a potential increase of approximately 125% over booked proved plus probable reserves..".

Tight oil and multi-stage fracturing remains at the forefront of recent development and we have been involved in several projects in the Cardium formation in Alberta. These types of reservoirs do not respond well to conventional waterflooding, as the limited injectivity requires at least a one-to-one injector to producer ratio, making them marginally economic at best. We investigated using immiscible gas injection instead and improved predicted ultimate recovery over primary substantially. There are many good reasons to consider an integrated reservoir study on your properties, especially in an environment of fluctuating prices - this may reveal your lowest cost reserve additions and the increased rates can cut the unit operating costs substantially.

Internationally, we have assisted in Field Development Planning (FDP) in SE Asia and offshore Australia. Compositional studies of gas condensate reservoirs in NE India were done in order to improve liquids recovery and minimize condensate dropout in the reservoir by lean gas cycling.

Gas Field Optimization

We have also completed several gas gathering network simulation studies involving infill drilling and compressor and pipeline modifications. With North American gas prices now at very modest values, optimization and increased throughput is the solution to reducing unit operating costs and improving rate of return and cash flow.


Well Test Interpretation

The Well Test Interpretation course is presented by our Technical Director, Dr. Alain Gringarten. He has given this course numerous times and it is the basis of the one offered to the Masters students at Imperial College, London, where Dr. Gringarten is Director of the Centre for Petroleum Studies. If sufficient interest is present, we can arrange to offer this course in Calgary. Please let us know by e-mailing info@exploitation-technologies.com to reserve your spot for this one week course. This course can also be offered in other locations and in-house as well.



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