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Well Test Design and Interpretation

Well test analysis is one of the cornerstones of building a reservoir description and knowledge base for your properties. All subsequent evaluation and optimization processes require this data and accurate determination of model and pressure are paramount. Why choose us? Because of the experience gained in designing and analyzing countless tests in all areas of the world. Dual porosity, dual permeability, layered systems with and without crossflow, gas condensates, volatile oils, heavy oils and the list goes on. Because of the number of possible interpretations of any test, this experience is key in determining that the proper results are obtained.

Service Features

  • Utilize leading, industry accepted software packages
  • Tests designed to maximize data and minimize lost production
  • Analysis consistent with reservoir engineering and geological models.
  • AOF and deliverability test reports
  • DST interpretation
  • Tubular design analysis
  • Production forecasting
  • Material balance reserve estimates


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